Mojo Horns


The Original MOJO Roping Horns designed by Monty Joe Petska,14-time WNFR qualifier with earnings of over $1 million in the team roping pen. Each head is hand made and covered with real hide.  The MOJO roping dummy is life like, no two are identical. MOJO roping dummies are used by professional team ropers around the country.  Horn spreads vary as well as the hide-covered heads. You may get a brindle or a baldy, but you’ll know it’s an Original when you see the MOJO brand.  Includes hay bale spikes. Hides will vary. Horn Spread Sizes: Small (30" & under), Medium (31"-36"), Large (37" & over).

**We are currently SOLD OUT on this item. **GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE**

**We currently have MOJOs in production (but they take time to cure therefore we are unable to meet a "receive by Christmas deadline") if you wish to purchase a Gift Certificate (which we will send out right away) so that you can still give a set of mojo horns as a Christmas gift please complete your order as usual.  Thank you & Happy Holidays!